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Who we are

we are sannyin technology from China, a company established in 2018.

What we do

the silicone rubber products manufacturer in China

providing one stop service to customers:

  • from product idea to finished products
  • customized products(colors, logo, package, etc.)

Our Main Product Categories

There are a wide range of silicone products we can offer, in the following 5 main categories, you can find all similar products on competitors' website:

Baby Products

  • Silicone Teethers
  • Silicone Spoon and Fork
  • Silicone Plate
  • Silicone Pacifier
  • Silicone Feeding Set
  • Silicone Bowl
  • Silicone Baby Spoon
  • Silicone Baby Cup
  • Silicone Baby Bib
  • sippy cup
  • fruit feader

Silicone Gifts

  • wristband
  • toys
  • silicone purse
  • silicone beads/pendants
  • luggage tag

Health & Personal Care

  • menstrual cups
  • brush
  • scalp massager

Home/Kitchen Products

  • ice ball maker/silicone ice cube tray
  • cake mold
  • kitchen utensils, like spatula
  • silicone mats
  • silicone cups, water bottles
  • coffee cups

Electronics Accessories

  • watch straps/bands
  • silicone cases for iPhone, airpods, etc

Compoments for Industry

  • silicone keypad, like the rubber buttons on the remote controllers
  • silicone tubes
  • silicone sheets

Our Potential Customers

we do business to customers all over the world.

  • Small business resellers, startup business
    • like Amazon sellers,
    • shopify sellers
    • local store
    • other online sellers
  • Brand Owners, a little bigger, or big customers
    • they have their own brand,
    • so they are looking for factory to custom products in their own brand
    • they need to find factory with good service and also better price
  • Industrial customers
    • like factories,
    • wholesalers
    • they may buy components, mostly they have their own design, they provide artwork to us
    • we make products then.

Some of our competitors

we have most products in comon with these competitors, you can find product images on their websites.

most products are the same or similar to each others'

Ideal new website design

  • it looks simple, and professional
  • visitors feel safe and trust
  • the color system can be designed from 0 to 1
  • the page structures can also be designed from 0 to 1
  • the website is built with WordPress, and the page builder is Oxygen Builder
  • we will create and edit pages on our own, based on the design system you provide
  • what we need is a well design system for our website
    • font family and sizes(for headings and texts)
    • colors
    • buttons
    • backgrounds
    • shadows
    • page templates
    • section templates
      • headers
      • footers
      • heros
      • features
      • counters
      • testimonials
      • call to actions
      • gallery
      • blog list, and single blog post
      • faq
      • video
      • contacts
      • etc.